2.4 Advance Notice and Coordination in Lower Manhattan

This aerial photograph shows most of the area covered by the NYC DOT Lower Manhattan Borough Commissioner's Office.

Permitting, coordination, and inspections in Lower Manhattan are handled differently from the rest of the city. The NYC DOT Lower Manhattan Borough Commissioner's Office (LMBCO) is responsible for the coordination of activities affecting the street among city and state agencies, private organizations, and all others involved in the reconstruction effort so that the work is accomplished with the least amount of disruption on all streets south of Canal Street. The Lower Manhattan Construction Command Center (LMCCC) brings NYC DOT and other key stakeholders together each week to discuss the status of projects, scheduling of reconstruction work, and conditions in Lower Manhattan. LMCCC prepares 10-year forecast reports on the availability of materials, equipment and labor; detailed project schedules; and other variables (redefined on a monthly basis). The weekly coordination meetings are attended by representatives of large contractors and construction companies, utility companies, and the New York City Police Department. All contractors that have taken out permits for work in Lower Manhattan are required to attend these meetings, with the exception of permittees working on very small projects. When multiple projects and complex coordination issues need to be addressed within a concentrated work zone, the LMCCC will schedule special meetings.