3.7.1 Building Vaults

PEU performs the initial review of all applications for building vault permits and licenses. A DOB-approved plan must be obtained and submitted to PEU with the application for a final approval and permit. Different from DOB, DOT plans requires 600 PSF live loads on all sidewalk doors, gratings, covers and vault structures.

If the applicant plans to construct a new vault or enlarge an existing vault, PEU will refer the applicant to NYC DOT's Office of Franchises, Concessions and Revocable Consents for a vault license. When the license is issued, the applicant must pay a one-time license fee of $2 per square foot. The applicant can also request a new vault license for an existing vault by submitting SCARA plans and make a one-time license fee of $2 per square foot.

PEU also accepts applications to abandon existing vaults that are no longer in use. NYC DOT may order a vault licensee or the owner of the premises where the vault is located to fill in an abandoned vault. Specific requirements for filling in abandoned vaults can be found in Section 2-13(o) of the Highway Rules. Typical treatments include removing vault roof near curb, filling flowable lifts, and breaking vault floor. DOB approval is also required.