3.3 The Permit Application Process (Non-Emergency Work)


There is one permit application form that covers Street Opening, Building Operations/Construction Activity, and Sidewalk Construction permits for non-governmental work. These applications can be submitted online using NYCStreets. Applicants who prefer to apply in person may do so using an Application for Roadway/Sidewalk Permit(s) or see Appendix B, Forms. There are separate permit applications for governmental work, Canopy Permits, and permit renewals and re-issuance, all of which are explained later in this chapter.

In some cases, applications and supporting documentation must be submitted in person. The location to which the application should be submitted depends on the location and type of construction-related work to be performed:

Central Permit Office in Manhattan—In-person applications for non-emergency work, including work on all streets in Manhattan and on all critical streets in Brooklyn, Queens and the Bronx; all work to be performed for sewer and water system construction; and all capital project work, all utility work, all crane requests, and all full closures of sidewalks and roadways must be submitted only to the central Permit Office in Manhattan.

Borough Permit Offices—In-person applications for all other construction-related work can be submitted to the borough office in the borough in which the work is to be performed. The Staten Island borough permit office also accepts applications for work on critical streets in Staten Island. The contact information and hours of operation for all Permit Offices can be found in Appendix C, NYC DOT Contact Information.