3.3.1 Common Requirements for All Permit Types

  1.  Applicants must be registered with NYC DOT and have a Permittee ID Number, except in the case of a Sidewalk Repair Permit taken out by a homeowner, where the work will be performed by the homeowner.
  2. Applicants must submit a completed permit application. Generally, applicants must provide business and contact information; proposed work information, including location, size of proposed work, and the work start and end date; type of permit(s) being requested; detailed work zone sketch; and date and signature of applicant or authorized representative. View the permit application or see Appendix B, Forms.
  3. Applicants must obtain all applicable original permits and/or approvals from any other governmental agencies prior to applying for a permit. Common examples include approval from the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (Parks) if any street trees or tree pits will be affected by the proposed work; a permit from the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) if any water or sewer line will be affected; and a Certificate of Appropriateness from the New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) if the proposed work is within an Historic District. Copies may be accepted if approved by the Permit Office in advance. A table showing the agencies that must be contacted prior to applying for certain NYC DOT permit types can be found in Appendix A, Common Permit Types and Documents Needed; a list of contact numbers for these agencies can be found in Appendix D, Other Agency and Utility Contact Information.
  4. If the applicant intends to work on a contract that has been awarded by a government agency or authority, the applicant must bring a copy of the contract, Order on Letter, Notice to Proceed or a Letter of Authorization. Applicants should indicate on the application, Application for Governmental Work Permit(s), their name and the name of the governmental agency or authority for which they are working. Access the Application for Governmental Work Permit(s) or see Appendix B, Forms.
  5. If the applicant intends to fully close a roadway, a Request for Full Roadway Closure must be completed or see Appendix B, Forms.
  6. If the applicant intends to do work associated with a Franchise, Concession or Revocable Consent Agreement, the applicant must have a copy of the Agreement prior to applying for a permit.
  7. Any work is subject to suspension during an NYC DOT-issued embargo period*, unless otherwise designated.

Questions regarding permit registration or application processes can be directed to any Permit Office. Contact information can be found in Appendix C, NYC DOT Contact Information