3.6.2 Embargoes

OCMC imposes construction embargoes* for significant special events including the New York City Marathon, parades, high profile projects and for the winter holiday season. All active permits in the affected area(s) are suspended during the dates and times of the embargo period and no new permits may be approved, unless a waiver for the work is granted by OCMC. The suspension does not apply to emergency authorizations and permits (see Section 3.6.1 Emergency Utility Access Cover Openings and Emergency Street Openings).

A list of construction embargoes under way at any given time can be found on the Construction Embargoes page on NYC DOT's website or at the borough Permit Offices.

In order to apply for an embargo waiver, a Request for Roadway/Sidewalk Permits during Embargo Periods form must be submitted for review and consideration to the Permit Office. Applicant should submit this form with the appropriate documentation and waiver request fee. Payment of the waiver request fee, as specified in the Highway Rules, Section 2-03, does not guarantee that approval to work during the embargo period will be granted. If the request is approved or modified, then all conditions, restrictions, fees and application procedures for obtaining a construction-related permit apply.

Winter holiday embargo—The winter holiday embargo typically starts in mid-November and lasts through January 2. As of August 31, 2017, a new Holiday Embargo (HE) review process has replaced the previously used HE waiver request process used by NYCSTREETS.  During the application process, the NYCSTREETS system will automatically identify cases which require additional HE review, and processes them accordingly.

If a permit application includes permit requests to work on embargoed streets within 90 days prior to the start of the HE (November 16th), the permittee will be presented with a warning, during the application process, stating that such permit request(s) will be subject to the upcoming HE. If work is planned through the HE period, the critical reasons for the work must be included in the “Work Description” field of the application.

For all permit applications including permit requests to work on embargoed streets through the HE period, the permittee will be automatically charged an additional $135 HE application review fee. Details about the exact holiday embargo dates, times, and locations are posted on NYC DOT's Special Traffic Advisory page, generally in mid-October.