4.6 Sidewalk Violation Inspections and Enforcement

Private property owners are responsible for installing, repairing and maintaining sidewalks abutting their properties. NYC DOT inspects sidewalks for defects and when a defect is identified, a Sidewalk Violation is issued to the property owner and a copy is submitted to the County Clerk's office. There is no fine associated with a Sidewalk Violation. The violation provides a property owner 75 days time sensitive requirement to make repairs (see the Sidewalk Repairs section above for further details). If repairs have not been made within the 75 day period, the City may make the repairs and bill the property owner for the cost of the repairs.

Private homeowners applying for Sidewalk Repair Permits who will be making the repairs themselves may apply for permits by mail. If a contractor is being used, the contractor must be registered with NYC DOT and must take out the permit.

After repairs are complete, the property owner can contact 311 to schedule a Sidewalk Violation Dismissal. A dismissal inspection is always required to close out a violation. A Sidewalk Violation will be removed if the work has been satisfactorily completed. View more information on how to respond to Sidewalk Violations